An amateurish guide to living in Nagoya

It has been almost three months since my wife and I moved to Nagoya, Japan. I am working at Nagoya University (NU) as postdoctoral researcher. After some initial hiccups we have been able to get settled here with a routine and life seems to be going smooth. We were fortunate to find some friends here in the beginning who helped us a lot and we will always be thankful to them. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to find helpful people right away and for a person not speaking Japanese, it can get quite difficult to understand things in Nagoya. So, I decided to start a blog which will be a culmination of all the useful information that I believe is important for getting around NU.

I understand there are several portals online to help Indians in Japan, but my attempt here is focused only for Indians coming to Nagoya and more specifically the students and researchers coming to NU (or near by). I will try to keep the information as less redundant as possible, meaning that I will only share the information that I believe is difficult to find using simple Google search.

Since I have been living near Nagoya University, all the information that I will be sharing will be specific mostly to the area around the NU.

I will try to be as organised as possible but since inherently I am not organised it is going to be difficult task and you might find several stray thoughts here and there…. So lets begin

A few words about the Japanese people

We found Japanese people to be one of the most helpful people ever. They will try to help you in any way possible. So if you are stuck somewhere just try conveying your problem to one of the local people and surely they will help you. Knowing a few Japanese words can go a long way. Japanese are very well mannered and polite, so you need to be polite while talking to them. Start by saying “Sumimasen” which means “Excuse me”. Also thank after they have helped you by saying “Arigato Gozaimasu”


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