Subway in Nagoya


Subway system in Nagoya is very efficient and convenient with English instructions for almost everything. So anyone who has travelled by metro in Delhi or Bangalore should have no problem in commuting by subway.

Finding subway stations and getting an idea of distance from subway station may be a problem initially when usually people do not have access to Google Maps.

A few important points to remember

  • As a thumb rule, the distance from one subway station to next (sometimes even two stations if you can walk a little more) can be easily covered on foot. (We ended up paying 200 yen initially when we did not know about this).
  • Try to club few tasks together and go out on one day and buy one day pass (740 yen).
  • Try to go on weekend (one day pass is cheaper – 600 yen).
  • All ticket vending machines have English instructions option in them.
  • In case of any difficulty you can ask the station master (they are very helpful)

Station– The Nagoya University station is “Nagoya-daigaku” on “Meijo Line”.

Ticket- In order to buy tickets you need to first refer to the subway fare chart usually displayed above the ticket vending machine. The fares are written from the your station to all other stations. There is no way to specify station in the ticket vending machine. You can only buy ticket for a particular amount as mentioned in the fare chart. 


For those of you who have smart phones “city rail map” is an excellent app that has all the information about the subway system (routes maps etc.) of several cities including Nagoya. You can install this app and find the best routes to your destination.


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