Notification of place of residence

Although I understand that everybody who comes to Japan knows about this but still I am writing this piece only  for the sake of completion and continuity. So basically once you have settled at your place of residence you need to notify the ward office of your residential area about your address and get your address stamped at the back of your residence card. It’s a very simple procedure that takes hardly 30 minutes. For those living in or around Nagoya University (NU), you need to go to the “Chikusa ward office” or “Showa ward office”. Students and researchers living in “International Residence Higashiyama” need to go to the Chikusa ward office and following are the instructions to go there.

Chikusa ward office is about 2.8 km from NU.

Subway Route to Chikusa ward office-

  • The subway station for Chikusa ward office is “Ikeshita” on “Higashiyama” or yellow line.
  • The subway fare from Nagoyadaigaku station to Ikeshita station is 200 yen
  • Take subway train from Nagoyadaigaku to “Motoyama” (It is next stop from Nagoyadaigaku in counter clockwise direction) (Note- Meijo line is a circular line connecting several different subway lines at different stations, hence clockwise and counter clockwise directions)
  • Change at Motoyama and take train going towards “Sakae” or “Nagoya station” or “Takabata” on Higashiyama line
  • Ikeshita is the second stop after Motoyama.
  • Chikusa ward office is right in front of the exit 2.


Although the English language skill of the office staff is pretty bad, they are very cooperative and helpful. So you will have no problem in getting this work done.


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