100 yen shops in Nagoya

One of the best revelations to us after moving to Nagoya was the concept of 100 yen shop. These are exactly what they sound. Everything in these shops is of 100 yen (well exactly 108 yen after tax). The best part is that you can get so many useful things here that it becomes one of the first destinations to look for when you need some small household items. There are even 100 yen convenience stores like Lawson 100 where you can get a variety of things just for 1oo yen. This is particularly helpful for those who come for stays of short durations and don’t want to spend much on settling here. There are quite a few 100 yen shops near NU. As in my previous posts I am going to share their locations in reference to Nagoyadaigaku station

Lawson 100- This is a 24 hour open convenience store with a variety of food items and useful household stuff.

100 yen shop in Aeon Motoyama (2F) – This has a lot of options of things of everyday household needs.


Seria – This is a big chain of 100 yen shops at several locations. The one nearest to the NU is at 3F of Aeon Yagoto.

There is another quite famous chain of 100 yen shops called Daiso but none of the Daiso stores are as near to the NU as stores mentioned above.


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